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The Speaker

Thunderfoot Ministries - Speaking to Youth

Having spent the last 20+ years speaking all over the country, Herman Weaver is committed to helping troubled youth make significant change in their own lives.  Herman has had the wonderful opportunity to speak in more than 3000 schools to over 1 million students.  As Herman shares his personal faith in God, he is able to challenge students to make positive decisions in their own lives. Decisions between such things as:
  • Drug & Alcohol abuse vs. freedom from chemical control.
  • Dropping out of school vs. academic leadership.
  • Giving into peer pressure vs. establishing positive personal values.
  • Aimlessness and suicide vs. purposeful living .
Thousands of athletes play football, but very few make it to the top of the college ranks and fewer still make it to the pros. Herman did. He has learned what it takes to be his best and can communicates this each time he speaks by:
  • identifying with students by mentioning life experiences,
  • giving a clear presentation on alcohol & drug abuse, sharing current facts & stories,
  • talking about the importance of morals, values, & faith,
  • discussing the importance of academics, encouraging students to do their best,
  • explaining how he personally has the power for healthy daily living. 
If you would like to speak with Herman about visiting your school or organization, please contact Thunderfoot Ministries.